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About NAMI International School

After years of meticulous planning and extensive research, NAMI International School is proud to announce the establishment of its primary school component in 2024. This strategic expansion complements the existing 10+2 level education that has been serving students since 2013.

We are excited to open our gates to a new generation of students, well-prepared to embark on their educational journey.

Registered under the Ministry of Education in Nepal, the school stands as a testament to its commitment to national educational standards. NAMI International School is dedicated to providing holistic education, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also the social, emotional, and creative development of its students. With a focus on global citizenship, innovative teaching methods, and community engagement, the school actively instills a sense of responsibility and social consciousness in its students. The institution's inclusive environment fosters a sense of belonging, contributing to a positive school culture where students are valued and motivated to excel. The school strives to prepare students for lifelong learning, equipping them with the skills and values needed for success in their future endeavors.

Teaching and Learning at NAMI International School

  • Progressive Education Philosophy: Embracing the progressive education philosophy inspired by Ullens School, we prioritize holistic development, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and inquiry-based learning.
  • Trained Educators: Our dedicated team of educators and leaders are well trained, ensuring a high standard of teaching and leadership to nurture students effectively.
  • Environment-Friendly School: NAMI International School is committed to protecting the environment. We are committed to being an environmentally conscious institution, implementing sustainable practices to create a green and eco-friendly learning environment.
  • Community Service Programs: We offer a range of community service programs where students can help others and make a positive impact on society. We believe in teaching students to be responsible and caring from a young age.
  • Values-Driven Curriculum: We prioritize instilling essential life values in our students as an integral part of their daily education. This includes fostering values such as respect, kindness, honesty, and ethical behaviour. These values are seamlessly integrated into various aspects of the learning process, ensuring that students not only gain knowledge in traditional subjects but also develop into well-rounded individuals with a strong moral foundation.
  • Caring and Inclusive Atmosphere: We celebrate our differences and create a friendly space where every child feels important and included. This makes our school a place where everyone belongs.
  • No Rankings and Competitions: Instead of comparing students, we focus on each child's unique abilities. We avoid ranking students and competitions, allowing each child to develop at their own pace and encouraging collaboration over competition.

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