NIS Art Contest Sparks Creativity Among +2 Students

NIS Art Contest Sparks Creativity Among +2 Students

Nami International School (NIS) buzzed with creative energy as +2 students participated in the NIS Art Contest centered around the theme 'Christmas.' With all materials provided, students had one hour to translate their festive visions onto canvas.

The event showcased diverse interpretations of the theme, from traditional holiday symbols to abstract representations of joy. The one-hour time frame added an element of urgency, encouraging quick and decisive artistic expression.

Beyond the competition, the art contest fostered a sense of community and shared festive spirit among participants. The judging panel faced the delightful challenge of selecting winners from the array of imaginative creations, turning the event into a celebration of artistic diversity within the college.

NIS +2 Art Contest was a brief yet impactful platform for students to showcase their creativity, emphasizing the college's commitment to nurturing artistic talent and community engagement. The event left a vibrant imprint on the cultural tapestry of NIS

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