Grade I to V

Grade I to V

NAMI International School offers a diverse and balanced curriculum for Grade (I­­–V), remaining within the framework of the Nepal Government’s National Curriculum. The school delivers this curriculum through the Ullens School approach to teaching.

At NAMI International School, we believe in experiential learning, fostering a collaborative environment where teachers emphasize teamwork to facilitate learning. Beyond English, students also acquire proficiency in Science and Social Studies taught through Multidisciplinary and Transdisciplinary themes. Mandarin is introduced as a Foreign Language from Grade I to Grade V. Mathematics centres around problem-solving.

In addition to starting computer instruction in the first grade, each classroom is equipped with an interactive board featuring the latest technology and educational materials. We prioritize preparing our students for effective communication in the digital age by not only providing access to the latest ICT tools but also instructing them on how to navigate digital technology and resources. Our art lessons focus on nurturing creativity. In fine arts classes, students engage in activities such as painting, sketching, and clay modelling. They also build confidence in performing arts through participation in acting, singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments. Our physical education program is designed to help students not only develop athletic skills but also gain an understanding of the values and principles associated with physical education. This way, they can commit to a lifelong dedication to fitness.

SERVICE LEARNING- Our goal at NAMI International School is to help each student find their own unique way to make a positive impact on the world by instilling in them a love of service that will last a lifetime. Coordination, leadership, and effective communication are some of the abilities that students learn, along with techniques for achieving their service goals. Students develop, launch, and finish their initiatives under the supervision of adults. Students are required to document their project progress through reflective essays, diaries, and journals. The end goal is for the youngsters to grow up to be loving, compassionate people who can see the good in every situation, find creative ways to solve problems and answer the call to action when they see one.

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